ravenstar_33 (ravenstar_33) wrote in th_rpg,

Message to the community.

I don't do spoilers so the last few minutes of last night's ep had my brain all explody all over my living room. The writers took it to a whole new very dark place. I've been prepared to play Dan as an ass and figured I could be ok in his brain being the bad guy...but well...I don't know if I can even follow where they went last night.

It was so very cold blooded. Any chance that last few minutes was a dream or a fantasy or something? I've known Dan is an ass....but Keith's his brother by damn....I really figured they'd work it out....and well now this.

This RPG was just supposed to be a fun little thing and now I feel like I've been totally Jossed. Just to make this "all about me" my LJ real identity is gradeafan and I'm supposed to be doing a OTH summary for crack_van this month. Any input from you guys would be appreciated.

g (aka #33)
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