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One Tree Hill RPG

Role Playing One Tree Hill

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Welcome to One Tree Hill RPG!

The purpose of this community is an RPG game base on the show "One Tree Hill".
It's a work in progress, and we do still need the following characters:

Nathan Scott
Lucas Scott
Keith Scott
Karen Roe

***ALSO: If you want to add in an extra character from the show, who is not a *main* character, you can... just email me and lemme know who it is.***


If you're interested, here's what it will entail:
As a character in this RPG, you will create and host a livejournal in character. You will have icons, a profile, and entries in character. You will be able to post all of your entries in the community, and respond to other characters' entries in character.

Alot of these entries and profiles will be based on events in episodes of the show, "one tree hill", but feel free to trail off and use your imagination as well.

On top of needing characters, I will also be needing one or two more moderators for the community. If you are a moderator you will be responsible for comming up with and enforecing rules for the community, as well as scannign entries and deciding which are allowed to be posted. [It's pretty much fair game, unless you start severely misusing the journal and the community, and going way off on a tangent, or carrying on while not in character].

Anyone interested please email: anvil.anvil@gmail.com
From there you can either start creating your own journal in character, or have one created for you [for those not so artistically inclined].

Have fun!


1. Post your journal entries in YOUR journal, the community journal is for questions, problems, info, etc.
2. Keep checking the community journal to see if there are any updates or new info that you should be aware of.
3. Decorate your journal to look like a journal that would belong to your character.
4. In your journal, you ALWAYS write in character.
5. Use the show's episodes as guidelines, but you are welcome to use your imagination whenever you like. Go into detail of things you didn't see on the show, things your character thought, etc.
6. CONTINUITY. Make sure that you pay attention to the journals of other characters, and make sure your enttry would make sense with what's happened so far. Lucas can't say that he is pissed off at Nathan when Nathan says that Lucas just had a heartfelt discussion with him about how much of a great friend he is.
7. Add all the journals of the other characters to your character's friends list, so you can keep up with the story. I'll post links to all of the character journals here in the info, and I'll make a new community entry whenever a new member joins.
8. Have fun! and don't forget to promote the community, we still need more characters!!!

Character Journals: