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Okay Guys,

As you all know, the season premiere has already aired, and it's time to get going on this RPG.
Sorry I havem't been around so much lately, but I've had alot of other things to focus on, and my computer has also been absolutely retarded, and I need to replace the power supply, because it keeps turning itself off. Woo!

Anyways, let's get going on this thing!

I don't already have *every* character, but we might as well start with what we've got, and add in more later in the game. Don't forget to promote the community to get more people to sign up!

I am just going to update the community info to include rules, so go ahead and check that out right away, and then go ahead and start writing entries in your character's journal.

Have fun!!!!
email me at anvil.anvil@gmail.com if you have any problems!!

Love on ya,
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